About us


Who we are and What do we do

The United Methodist Global AIDS Fund (UMGAF) was established by the 2004 General Conference of The United Methodist Church. Its purpose is to strengthen the church’s compassionate response to HIV and AIDS and help to stem the tide of the pandemic through education and advocacy.

UMGAF Projects and our Funding Partners

UMGAF supports programs that focus on prevention, advocacy, testing, and counseling. Through the generosity of United Methodists and others, UMGAF has supported more than 200 programs in over 35 countries.

Beginning in 2014, UMGAF narrowed its international grant-making focus to the prevention of AIDS to newborns. In 2016, Global Ministries assumed the responsibility of appropriating funding from the  UMGAF Advance to international projects that address child and maternal health as a part of Global Ministries Abundant Health initiative.  One hundred percent of all donations given given through the Advance # 982345, go to carefully reviewed projects selected through an “invitation only” process.

Twenty-five percent of all UMGAF donations given through a local United Methodist church remain in that annual conference for AIDS ministries.


UMGAF is housed at the General Board of Church & Society and is guided by an inter-agency committee comprised by representatives from the Council of Bishops, General Board of Church & Society, General Board of Global Ministries, General Commission on Communications, the Division on Ministries with Young People, United Methodist Women, and the Office of Christian Unity and Inter-religious Concerns.

Chair: Bishop Julius Trimble, Episcopal leader, Indiana Conference

Vice Chair: Rev. Dr. Youngsook Kang, Director of Mission & Ministry, Rocky Mountain Annual Conference

Secretary: Dr. Douglas Smith, California-Nevada Annual Conference, Member at-Large

Contact us

Email: UMGAFund@gmail.com or 703-282-6254.


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