Join the movement of AIDS Ambassadors!

More than 3,000 volunteers have become an AIDS Ambassador. They reach out to people marginalized by HIV/AIDS, raise funds for  AIDS projects, advocate for stronger laws related to AIDS, and broker partnerships between congregations and AIDS organizations around the world.

Become a social justice advocate!

Learn about what’s happening in your part of the world and let your legislators know about your interest and concern. Attend district legislative meetings, write to your legislator, and voice your concern for persons living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Become an informed and welcoming congregation!

Welcome everyone into your church, including people living with AIDS who are often marginalized and stigmatized by the community. By extending love and acceptance, transformation can happen. Then —

  • Encourage your pastor to preach on AIDS.
  • Sponsor an educational class on HIV and AIDS.
  • Explore how your congregation can become more involved in this ministry.
  • Invite your members to give to UMGAF – an act of stewardship and mission.

For more information, click on this AIDS Ambassador Information Sheet link.


World Council of Churches emphasizes the importance of eliminating stigma and how churches can help.  Click here for info.

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