Mother to Child Transmission

South Sudan: Fogleman
South Sudan: S. Fogleman

See our Power Point: Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission


What is it?

The transmission of HIV from an HIV-positive mother to her child during pregnancy, labor, delivery or breastfeeding is called mother-to-child transmission (MTCT). (WHO 2011)

Why is it so important?

Without any interventions the transmission rate of HIV from mothers to their children ranges from 15-45%. This rate can be reduced to levels below 5% with effective interventions. The global community is committed to eliminating new pediatric HIV infections by 2015 and, as a consequence, improving maternal, newborn and child survival and health.

A Triple Life Saving Benefit

Effective PMTCT…

  • Saves the mother’s life
  • Saves the baby’s life
  • And so it saves the family’s life

The Benefit

PMTCT is high impact, cost effective and part of an integrated service, i.e. women and children may attend a clinic for multiple services, including HIV testing, and HIV prevention measures.

The Challenge

To gain the support of the community and work with the women and their families.

Just Save One

When you contribute to the UMGAC Advance you support grassroots community interventions. You can save a life by contributing as little as $10 which is the cost of therapies or community actions that can prevent transmission. THIS INITIATIVE SAVES LIVES, ONE MOTHER, BABY AND FAMILY AT A TIME…


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