AIDS Observance Days

New!! AIDS Awareness Poster 2020  from POZ Magazine! Colorful and loaded with helpful info!


Together we Can image

August 20 – Southern HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!



National and International AIDS Observance Days:

February 7        National Black HIV & AIDS Awareness and Information Day
March 10             National Women & Girls HIV & AIDS Awareness Day
March 20             National Native HIV & AIDS Awareness Day
April 10                National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day
May 18                  International HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
May 18                  HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
May 18                  National Transgender HIV Testing Day
May 19                  Nat’l Asian & Pacific Islander HIV & AIDS Awareness Day
June 27                  National HIV Testing Day
August 20              Southern HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
August 29              National Faith HIV & AIDS Awareness Day
September 18        National HIV & AIDS and Aging Awareness Day
September 27        National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
October 15            National Latino AIDS Awareness Day
December 1          World AIDS Day

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