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Thank you for visiting our web page! The United Methodist Global AIDS Committee, since 2004, has addressed the HIV and AIDS pandemic through working with local churches of The United Methodist Church providing education and advocacy. As of 2020, approximately 39 million people are living with HIV or AIDS. The church has a role in making a difference and saving lives. Won’t you join us by becoming an AIDS Ambassador as we educate and advocate to create a world free of HIV! 

 “May Christ’s love surround you and be a constant reminder of your beloved-ness as we work together to create an AIDS-Free world.”


Webinar Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project

UMGAC Webinars in 2020-2021!  Please plan to attend! 


COVID-19 Advice People HIV Experts Know

Food Safety and the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | FDA



FIVE WAYS TO END THE HIV AND AIDS EPIDEMIC IN THE PHILIPPINES”  – speech delivered by Dr. Donald Messer, UMGAC Committee Member.  Don delivered this speech at Wesleyan University in the Philippines October 2019.  It’s relevant for all of us! 

Check out the informative web site for the Kaiser Family Foundation!  It’s chock full of up to the minute info on HIV & AIDS!

Newly released video by BBC Productions: “HIV Positive and Proud: What’s with Stigma?” For more info, check out our Resources page!


Stories of Hope and Perseverance” – Testimonies from UMGAC funded projects around the globe!

World Council of Churches and UNAIDS affirm the value of faith-based AIDS initiatives!

Philippines Focusing on Education and Advocacy and HIV!

CDC has new resources for HIV/Hepatitis C Outbreak – detection and response



Check out our Events page for upcoming opportunities to address HIV and AIDS!  And, take action!



Let us know what AIDS ministries are happening in your local church!  Send to: umgafund@gmail.com

  We’d love hearing from you!



 Thanks for your ongoing, generous support to create an AIDS-Free World! 


7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Get to know that the servants of God will walk with Him in faith, He will give power to their message. They will enabled so to present His love and the danger of rejecting the grace of God that men will be constrained to accept the gospel, Christ will perform wonderful miracles if men will but do their God- given part. I thank you all for the work that is a head of us and your organization as a whole, i hope that as time comes it will give you an image to share with everybody may God bless you.


  2. iam still in the ship cruising along the coastline of development with those who have not known their status up to now we are few one that have been able to be tested Hiv/aids i would wish all our church leaders to open the hiv centers in East Africa


  3. Shalom!
    Can we get support to help Orphans living with HIV and Aids And Local religious living with HIV and Aids?
    Our email:wycliffe.ngoya@gmail.com


  4. Dear

    Greetings from Kawish Resource Center Pakistan!
    Kawish Resource Center working on HIV/AIDS through communication in Pakistan, we have trained Christian Leaders communicate openly about HIV and AIDS, speaking out against discrimination. Trained Pastoral clinics on HIV and AIDS and sexuality and also established interfaith HIV/AIDS Network for raise awareness on HIV/AIDS in Pakistan and empower HIV/AIDS positive persons.
    I would request you develop partnership with Kawish Resource Center in Pakistan on HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention through Communication.
    I hope you will give positive response.


    Asif Sardar
    Executive Director
    Kawish Resource Center


    • Dear Asif Sardar,

      Thank you for your email and thank you for your work in Pakistan. For our clarification, when you request a partnership with your Center, what might that look like? If you could share more information, it would assist us with our discernment. Please send further communications to our email address: UMGAFund@gmail.com.

      Also, UMGAC invites you to visit our Resources web page to make use of our print and audio/visual resources that may be useful in your work. Although you didn’t mention funding, we do not have funds available to support your work, but are pleased to know of your existence and wish you the best in your ministry with people living with HIV/AIDS.


      United Methodist Global AIDS Committee


  5. we must remember there are other serious health issues besides Coronavirus in our world today.

    So much help needed with AIDS problems .


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