“May Christ’s love surround you and be a constant reminder of your beloved-ness as we work together to create an AIDS-Free world.”

— The United Methodist Global AIDS Fund Committee–


World AIDS Day – December 1

Resources Available!

Every United Methodist local congregation is urged to commemorate World AIDS Day in 2016! Working together we can create an AIDS free world! Please check out our resource page and a video message from Bishop Julius Trimble, UMGAF Chair! Thanks!



UMGAF November-December-2016 Newsletter is Ready for Reading!  



Together we Can image


World Council of Churches issues Pastoral Letter on AIDS and action steps!  Check it out!


NEWS: AIDS Goal: Ending the Public Health Threat! …an interview with Dr. Don Messer and Linda Bales Todd, UMGAF Co-chairs


 Thanks for your ongoing, generous support to create an AIDS-Free World! 


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Get to know that the servants of God will walk with Him in faith, He will give power to their message. They will enabled so to present His love and the danger of rejecting the grace of God that men will be constrained to accept the gospel, Christ will perform wonderful miracles if men will but do their God- given part. I thank you all for the work that is a head of us and your organization as a whole, i hope that as time comes it will give you an image to share with everybody may God bless you.


  2. iam still in the ship cruising along the coastline of development with those who have not known their status up to now we are few one that have been able to be tested Hiv/aids i would wish all our church leaders to open the hiv centers in East Africa


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