The Bible and Theology as it relates to HIV and AIDS

Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence by Donald E. Messer


be encouraged

Episode 005 of To Be Encouraged

Bishop Julius C. Trimble and Rev. Dr. Brad Miller talk with Rev. Rob Fuquay from the St Luke’s UMC-Indianapolis on How to Be Faithful and Inclusive- The Bible and Sexuality and The United Methodist Church.


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UMGAC newsletter Jan 2022

March-April 2021 UMGAC Newsletter

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Methodist Church of Brazil | Brands of the World™ | Download vector logos  and logotypes

2018 Report  (updated 2020) HIV and AIDS Ministries in United Methodist Annual Conferences in the United States and around the globe.  Check it out!


World AIDS Day Resources:

World AIDS Day is commemorated by people around the world on December 1st each year.  Below are several resources usable in local churches or other settings.

2020 UMGAC’s World AIDS Day Virtual Worship Service

2020 World AIDS Day Sample Worship Service

World Aids Day Bulletin Insert-Flyer 2019 (pdf link) or jpg/png versions below:

World AIDS Day Bulletin Insert 2019                                        World Aids Day Bulletin Insert-Flyer

  • For hard copy use, please print the pdf copy (1) double sided and (2) flip on the short edge
  • For social media, please use the jpg or png editions

WORLD AIDS DAY worship resource 2019

2018 Worship Resources for World AIDS Day

Video ~ Prayer Poem produced by United Methodist Communications ~ 2018

2017 World AIDS Day Resource

World AIDS Day: A Time of Remembrance and Action  – Article in Faith In Action, 2017

2016 Health Tool Kit for World AIDS Day – US Department of Health and Human Services

Worship Tools for World AIDS Day – UMC Discipleship Ministries

World AIDS Day Digital Tool Kit plus many other resources – AIDS2016

2016 World AIDS Day Materials – UNAIDS

2016 World AIDS Day – United Nations

Stories to Share on World AIDS Day-2016

World Health Organization AIDS Resources – Find statistics, stories and other resources usable for World AIDS Day events

2015 World AIDS Day Resource

2015 World AIDS Day Resources – United Church of Christ

World AIDS Day Service – Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance 2015

World Aids Day Litany


Printed Resources:

Faith and Facts HIV & AIDS Card – These are downloadable  on the General Board of Church & Society web page.  An excellent resource for study groups or general information about HIV & AIDS.

Stories of Hope and Perseverance”  ~ Testimonies from projects funded by the UMC Global AIDS Fund 

UNAIDS – AIDS by the Numbers-2016

AIDS Camps and Retreats 2017

A Call to Action for Children – a downloadable resource published by UNICEF, PEPFAR, UNAIDS, The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS, The World Bank and USAID.  Excellent resource for small group study.

AIDS Ambassador Information Sheet – This downloadable resource describes the role of serving as a United Methodist AIDS Ambassador.  An excellent resource for local churches and annual conferences! All members of the UMGAF AIDS Network are considered AIDS Ambassadors.  To sign up, write to:,  and submit your name requesting to be added to the AIDS Network as an AIDS Ambassador.

HIV and AIDS Prevention Tools – 2021 

Resource on HIV and College Students Check it out!

Interactive Map on the Physical Impact of HIV on the Human Body – A 2014 article published by Healthline written by Ann Pietrangelo about the impact of HIV on the body and the affect on the immune system.

Latinos/as & HIV&AIDS – produced from the General Board of Church & Society.  Downloadable.

Valentine’s Day Resources 2015 – This one page resource can be distributed in local churches, small groups including youth groups.  Downloadable.

2013 AIDS Advent Study 

2014 AIDS Advent StudyThe Season of Change produced by the General Board of Church & Society.  Excellent resource for small groups including youth groups.  Free downloadable.

Stigma  – “Let Us Stamp our Stigma”  This downloadable booklet includes basic information on HIV with a strong focus on stigma and how faith organizations can eradicate stigma by education and extending care and love to persons living with HIV and AIDS.  Training the Trainer.

How to Organize an HIV Testing Event – A 2012 Louisiana Annual Conference downloadable resource which provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up a testing event.  Sample resource tools are also included.

An Information Resource for Churches

Africa PrayingA Handbook on HIV & AIDS Sensitive Sermon Guidelines and Liturgy by Rev. Dr. Musa Dube

 Article on parallels between the HIV and Opioid Epidemics ~ The New England Journal of Medicine 

Kaiser Family Foundation – Excellent resources on HIV and AIDS

Report from the World Council of Churches from the 2016 International AIDS Conference, Durban, S. Africa

Sermon by Bishop Fritz Mutti 2017:  “I Can’t Hear You! Are You Listening?”

Fritz and Etta Mae 2016

Stigma Reduction Resource  Available produced by Indiana Annual Conference

UNAIDS – Resource for global AIDS data

United Methodist Human Sexuality Curriculum:

Ages 10-12 – “Wonderfully Made

Youth and HIV Resource  – Downloadable resource available from Balm in Gilead, a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) whose mission is to prevent diseases and to improve the health status of individuals who are disproportionately affected by high rates of health disparities, especially HIV, hepatitis C, cervical cancer and sexual violence.

Audio/Visual Resources:
FIVE WAYS TO END THE HIV AND AIDS EPIDEMIC IN THE PHILIPPINES”  – speech delivered by Dr. Donald Messer, UMGAC Committee Member.  Don delivered this speech at Wesleyan University in the Philippines October 2019.  It’s relevant for all of us! 

HIV Positive and Proud: What’s With Stigma? – HIV attitudes haven’t changed since the 1980s but Generation Z, people born in the mid 1990s to the early 2000s, is trying to change that. Twenty-year-old HIV activist, Mercy Ngulube, debunks common misconceptions about HIV and tell us why she’s positive and proud. Produced by BBC Stories & Orchard TV. 2019

Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission – This resource is a downloadable power point presentation on the Prevention of HIV from Mother-to-Child and can be used for educational purposes in large and/or small groups.  Excellent for local congregations.

HIV 101 – A downloadable basic power point presentation on HIV, its origins, statistics, and how it’s contracted.  A great resource for small groups, youth groups, local congregations.

Christmas for AIDS Orphans

Adult AIDS Health Care

AIDS Care in India

Teens Skype AIDS Orphans (UMTV)

The Rev. Shane Stanford: Living with HIV

Mother-Son AIDS Journey

AIDS Awareness Church

Church Erases AIDS Stigma

UMGAC Webinars:

Video of October 1 UMGAC Webinar –  “Confronting COVID-19 and HIV & AIDS” is now available! For more information, check out the Press Release for October 1 Webinar: Confronting COVID-19 and HIV & AIDS


Official United Methodist Statements on HIV/AIDS (2016)

Social Principle on HIV/AIDS:  ¶162.U – Persons Living with HIV and AIDS

Persons diagnosed as positive for Human Immune Virus (HIV) and with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) often face rejection from their families and friends and various communities in which they work and interact. In addition, they are often faced with a lack of adequate health care, especially toward the end of life. All individuals living with HIV and AIDS should be treated with dignity and respect.

We affirm the responsibility of the Church to minister to and with these individuals and their families regardless of how the disease was contracted. We support their rights to employment, appropriate medical care, full participation in public education, and full participation in the Church.

We urge the Church to be actively involved in the prevention of the spread of AIDS by providing educational opportunities to the congregation and the community. The Church should be available to provide counseling to the affected individuals and their families.

Resolution 3244 United Methodist Global AIDS Fund

Resolution 3241 A Covenant to Care: Recognizing and Responding to the Many Faces of HIV/AIDS in USA

Resolution 3243The Church and the Global HIV/AIDS Pandemic



Resources from the 2018 Breaking Barriers AIDS Conference

Printed Resources:

Audio/Visual Recordings of Plenary Sessions:

4 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Marji!

    Yes, you are correct. Giving to UMGAF through your local church means 25% will remain in your annual conference. There are two things we recommend, though, to make sure that happens. One, when you write your check to place in your church offering plate, make it payable to either your local church or your annual conference and put in the memo line: Advance #982345. Make sure your church treasurer sends your contribution to the Annual Conference rather than to the Advance office.

    Second, I would encourage you to also contact your Annual Conference treasurer to make sure he/she is aware that they are to retain the 25% of contributions to UMGAF to be used in the Annual Conference for AIDS ministries. With treasurer turnovers in Annual Conferences, it’s good to remind them of this expectation.

    Hope this helps. Thank you so much for your support!

    Linda Bales Todd, UMGAF Co-chair


  2. Thanks Linda, I already spoke to them yesterday and you are right they had forgotten about this. It’s been awhile since we had any donations in this fund but we may be getting some this year. I hope you got my email yesterday about the album being released next week and a portion of the proceeds will be going to this fund. We are working with the musician to determine how he wants to allocate them.


    • Thanks, John. We are adding that info into the list! Have a great holiday weekend! Thanks for all you do to create an AIDS free world!

      Linda Bales Todd
      UMGAF Consultant


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